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Ways To Rent A Limo For Your Wedding

Wedding day is special for everyone! People take several steps to make their wedding days memorable. Maximum people prefer to hire limos for their transportation need for the big day. While you are going to plan limos for your family and guests, you have to plan in advance. Here are some important tips to hire limo for wedding.

Wedding Limo Westchester

Decide on budget

It is entirely depend upon you whether you want to hire limo for bridal couple or several limos for transporting entire wedding party. Before going ahead, you must have a budget in your mind. It is true that, limos are quite expensive compared to other vehicles. Hiring them may cost you from few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Limos are available in different models and the cost also varies according to their model. Season also influences a lot on the pricing. For instance, in spring, you have to pay more for limos. This is because, in spring, there are more weddings, proms and several other events compared to other months.

Wedding Limo Westchester

Book in advance

If you have already fixed your marriage date, book the limo in advance. Though, you have a ton of research to do before hiring limo service, but we can assure that, hiring our wedding limo service in Westchester will meet your entire requirement. As we receive a number of calls in these wedding seasons, book your limo in advance. Booking in advance also come with a pocket friendly price for you.

Wedding Limo Westchester

How to conduct your research?

Online reviews are one of the best ways to find out the best limo service with a proven record. We have thousands of satisfied customers and they have already posted some positive online reviews. One thing is to keep in mind that, only reviews can’t prove a company’s workmanship and commitment but, the response of that company to that particular review will prove best. We always concern about our clients and their demands. This is the reason; it is hard to find a negative review regarding our service.

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A smart customer shouldn’t only focus on cheapest quote but the one that meets the requirement within the budget. It is true that, you must want to hire a limo for at least three hours to make sure that the limo will be waiting for you after the event. There is no restriction on time for weddings. They can go for a longer period of time. In order to make sure about such kind of circumstances, we assure our clients about our service. We have limited charge over the time.

Wedding Limo Westchester

Licensed and insured

Limo drives needed special license and all most all vehicles in the same fleet needs a commercial certificate to pick up and transport passengers. Thankfully, we have always concern about this type of requirement and we ensure safe for your clients. Our limos come with international standards and we won’t hesitate to show our proper licensing and insurance information.

Wedding Limo Westchester

Vehicle inspection

Limos those are going to transport you and your guests to the event need to be properly inspected. Make sure that, they are clean both inside and out. The way drivers care for these iconic vehicles, it indicates the pride they have in the job. Luckily, we have well experienced and dedicated drivers those will eliminate stress while you are sitting in our luxury vehicles. Their friendly gesture is enough to mesmerize you.


After doing all these things, make sure you get the contract in writing. These contracts are playing vital role to wipe out any type of miscommunication. We provide this contract with all the details along with the price and distance to cover. So it will be a great experience while hiring limos from Cross County Limousine.

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