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Top 4 Style Mistakes That You Must Avoid On Your Prom Night

You put a lot of effort into looking your best on prom night – the perfect shoes, the right dress, and up course hiring the most exclusive prom limo in Westchester to transport you and your friends. However, after working so hard the last thing you wish to experience is some horrible style or beauty blunders. Here we have put together top 4 style mistakes that you should avoid on your prom night.

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Wearing excessive makeup:

It is prom and it is natural that you wish to go all out & look your best, but applying excessive makeup can actually do more harm than good. You should try to look naturally beautiful - an enhanced version of yourself – rather than an absolutely different person. Moreover, the mask-like foundation will look unnatural both in photos and in person. Hold back yourself & simply go for a look that shows some glamour, but that does not look or feel heavy.

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Accessories are no doubt fun, but when it’s about the prom, the secret is to be tactical regarding the type of collection. Great shoes & an adorable clutch are compulsory, but you must not forget to add one or 2 standout pieces that’ll match your outfit, not overtake it. If you are going for chandelier earrings, do not put on a statement necklace. If you have a really fabulous cuff you wish to showcase, don’t mix it with a statement cocktail ring. Let the pieces you like shine by offering them some space. Or else your overall look can look messy. Aside from being spacious, Wedding Limo Prom Limo Westchester are equipped with different accessories to make sure that the ride to the prom venue is already a party on its own.

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Wearing a dress that does not fit properly:

Whether it is the incorrect style for your body type, too long, too short, too tight or too loose, poor-fitting clothing is a serious style mistake that you must avoid. Even a pricey designer gown will look discounted if it does not fit you properly. Since the clothing is the most important part of the show, make sure it perfectly fits you.

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Going out of your comfort zone:

You will likely be scratchy the whole night if you are going to wear short, tight dresses that you are never used to. The same thing applies for long, formal gowns. If short & sweat suits you the best, then you will feel peculiar on that floor-length, strapless outfit. The last & worst thing you wish is to feel self-conscious regarding your style choice. Always go with something fits your comfort zone.

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So you are clear about the prom style mistakes, now it’s time to book a prom limo in Westchester through Cross County Limousine. Our fleet consists of a wide range of luxury vehicles that are perfect to accommodate your prom transport. Besides prom transport, we also offer affordable Wedding Limos in Westchester which are well-equipped to meet your special day transportation needs. For booking contact us on 914-462-7529. Please feel free to stay connected with us on Google+, Twitter and Instagram social networks!

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